What Really Makes a Couple Compatible?

We all love to watch the fantasies and the happily ever afters..but what about the reality that over 50% of marriages end in divorce? Most people know this fact, but have you ever stopped to investigate what actually led to women deciding to divorce? 

We're over here thinking single life is terrible and just wanting what those married couples (seem) to have, but then why do so many women choose to divorce or wish they could? They're fantasizing about the single life!

In this episode we get in to WHY so many marriages end in divorce. And here's a little spoiler, it's typically not marriage itself that leads to divorce..often it was doomed from the very beginning, long before the "I do's". 

Need help stopping the cycle of toxic relationships, living happily single, and finding true love? There are currently two ways to work with me:

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Is Unresolved Trauma Holding You Back from Finding True Love?

Uncategorized Jan 10, 2022

My love said it best, "If you've got unresolved trauma, you can't be intimate with yourself. And when you can't be intimate with yourself, you can't be intimate with someone else."

A lot of people are walking around with unresolved trauma and expecting to find "the One" who will turn their whole life around. 

Most people haven't done "the work" to truly heal, and are bringing a lot of baggage in to the relationship that prevents them from being able to connect deeply with someone else.

If you suspect this is you, you'll wanna tune in to this episode.

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I Did This Before I Found Love

In this episode, I want to share with you all the things I did to level up my life that I believe prepared me for the love I'm experiencing now. 

And I'll let you in on a has nothing to do with dating, or having the right pictures and words on your profile to attract the right all has to do with going back to YOU and curating your ideal life.

Not only did this help prepare me for this relationship, but it also helped me to not lose myself in this relationship. 

This is a problem I had in the past, and a theme I see with my clients...losing yourself so much in a relationship that it's so difficult to break out of because you don't know who you are without this person.

So tune in for some awesome, practical tips you can start incorporating right away into your life in order to be grounded in who you are and prepare you to meet the love of your life!

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Why are We Attracted to People Who Aren't Good for Us?

We're bringing back my love Iain Roberts for another episode to give his perspective on Gumball Love, and how so many of us became attracted to Gumball People.

When we think about our childhoods and the books we read, the movies we watched, the characters we idolized...a lot of these fantasies weren't very healthy expectations. These expectations are what keeps us in an endless cycle, but we're so IN it that we can't always objectively see the behavior patterns.

That's what the Gumball Love Assessment and "Level Up for Love" coaching package is for! We talk all about the assessment and coaching package in this episode as well and exactly what to expect and how it can help you.

Those who sign up for the Level Up for Love 4-session coaching package get exclusive access to the assessment right now!

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Live Guest Coaching: There Was So Much Chemistry, What Happened?

On this episode we bring on Khyara, a listener of the podcast, for a LIVE hot seat coaching session

Khyara was dating a guy for a month and a half and things were going well, there was a lot of sexual chemistry, until things started

At a time when Khyara really emotionally needed him, he dropped the ball. Plus, he stopped prioritizing time for them to hang out.

Tune in as Melissa and Khyara break down what happened using Khyara’s quiz results to see which flavors of attention this guy craved.

If you’ve been wondering what a coaching session is like, here’s your chance to get a taste!

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Introducing Iain Roberts & Our Love Story

Uncategorized Nov 29, 2021

FINALLY! It's here..the moment you've all been waiting for..I am introducing my love, Iain on to the show to share our story and how he has been and will continue to be helping out with Gumball Love moving forward!

We get into...

  • How he almost lost me because he cancelled our first date to MC a chicken wing eating contest...
  • What our first two dates were like, how we were both feeling, and why we didn't end up meeting again for another 5 years
  • How we ended up finally getting re-connected 5 years later and fell in love without even being able to see each other in person during the pandemic
  • What Iain's thoughts on Gumball Love were then and now
  • How Iain will continue to be involved in Gumball Love

It's a longer episode than usual but I really wanted you to get a sense of our dynamic. NOT that every healthy couple dynamic will look and sound exactly like ours, this is just one example. 

If you have any topics or questions you'd like us to cover together on the podcast, please...


Is it Anxiety or Gut Instinct?

attachment styles Nov 22, 2021

Wondering how to tell the difference between anxiety, your gut instinct, and anxious attachment style? This episode is for you!

Often times our gut instinct is SPOT ON...telling us to GTFO of a sketchy situation or to not go on the date with that guy. But sometimes, our anxiety or anxious attachment style overruns our instincts. 

Our anxious feelings are often coming from past lived experience, and it's our body's way of warning us and trying to keep us safe. But sometimes it's just that..PAST experience, not something currently happening in reality, meaning we could be missing out on a good, genuine guy.

I have anxious attachment style and anxiety, and I was VERY anxious about my love in the beginning, and it makes me sick to think I could have lost this love if I didn't get a grip and understand the difference between my anxiety and my gut instinct, and to also learn how to cope with my anxiety and how to make myself feel safe.

In this episode, we'll cover:

  • What is anxious...

Are You Marrying Him Before You Meet Him?

You come across a profile online...he's so cute, his dog is cute, you share the same hobbies and interests, you're hitting it off in the DM's, next thing you know you're fantasizing about your wedding and how you'll become bffs with his sister and wondering if you'll have Thanksgiving with his family or yours.

Like WOAH that went from 0-100 real quick  This episode is to remind you to PUMP THE BREAKS girl. 

Otherwise, you end up building up this whole fantasy in your head, putting him on a pedestal, and then miss out on the red flags that are in reality. 

Tune in to this episode of Gumball Love to learn how to shift your mindset BEFORE you go on the date and get out of "fantasy land". 

Let me know what you thought of this episode and don't forget to share it with your friends who need to hear this!!

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What He's Thinking When He Ghosts You

ghosting Nov 10, 2021

What the heck is going on with ghosting?! It's becoming more and more common with my coaching clients so I wanted to address my view on what's really going on behind the scenes when he ghosts. Hint: It has nothing to do with you.

You had a great time with him, he's what you wanted, and now he's not texting back at all, or he's coming back every now and again lukewarm.

What gives?! In this episode I'm bringing in my own perspective based on my personal experience and the experiences of hundreds of other women I've coached, plus the perspective of a few psychologists to really get the full picture.

A quick favor?:) I'm looking to hear feedback on the podcast- what you want more of, what you want less of, I'd love to know! Shoot me a message on IG or leave a review in Apple Podcasts. Thank you!

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Body Confidence and Radical Self Love with Alexandra Sempek (Coach Ali)

Do you feel like lacking confidence in your body is holding you back from having success in dating? 

Today I chat with Coach Ali, who was literally MADE to empower women in body confidence and self love.

Alexandra Sempek, commonly referred to as "Coach Ali", is an internationally certified health coach. She empowers women who struggle with food guilt and negative body image to reclaim their true confidence. Within her private coaching program, Alpha Alignment, Coach Ali changes the narrative with her wellness over obsession approach to health and fitness.

We chat all about her personal journey struggling with obsessive food tracking and dieting since middle school, and how she works with women to fall in love with their bodies AND reach their health and fitness goals.

Work with Coach Ali


Instagram: @askcoachali

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