Client Testimonials

Since I joined the Level up for Love and VIP Masterclass I have healed in so many ways, my self confidence has improved and I am loving myself more everyday in order to be the healthiest happiest me I can be which is so important when entering a new relationship.

- Lauren

Absolutely! When I worked with you, while I was in a relationship, I totally lost who I was. You helped me find who I was again while being in a relationship. It allowed me to question the current relationship and what I wanted to do without having to make that choice right then and there. I was also able to determine if I wanted to continue in the current relationship or not, and if so, could I put up with the Gumballs.

- Kathleen

One million percent! I’m finally starting to think in a completely different way and learning to stay away from my usual patterns and seeing red flags right away. Melissa has helped talked through these patterns to get through the process and I’m forever grateful.

- Bri

Yes!! 100%. Gumball Love is a refreshing, unique and tangible way to comprehend rather complex behaviors and patterns that leave women feeling mystified. The way Melissa breaks it down is nothing short of masterful. When I signed up with Melissa I found myself calling in repeated patterns that were underwhelming. I was ready to see things differently and break the patterns for good. It wasn’t easy, but Melissa’s insight and guidance helped bring attention to all the right places. The more I saw, the more I understood. By understanding, I could begin moving forward towards what I truly desired. I can say I’ve finally reached a place where I’m no longer living in the question—my standards are set and I’m only available for what’s compatible with them. My emotional health has dramatically transformed and as a byproduct, opened much more room for happiness and growth in others areas of my life too now that my attention isn’t consumed with doubt, drama and insecurity. Thanks Melissa!

- Christi