Body Confidence and Radical Self Love with Alexandra Sempek (Coach Ali)

Do you feel like lacking confidence in your body is holding you back from having success in dating? 

Today I chat with Coach Ali, who was literally MADE to empower women in body confidence and self love.

Alexandra Sempek, commonly referred to as "Coach Ali", is an internationally certified health coach. She empowers women who struggle with food guilt and negative body image to reclaim their true confidence. Within her private coaching program, Alpha Alignment, Coach Ali changes the narrative with her wellness over obsession approach to health and fitness.

We chat all about her personal journey struggling with obsessive food tracking and dieting since middle school, and how she works with women to fall in love with their bodies AND reach their health and fitness goals.

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Poetry in Divorce Court - How Simi Fromen found her voice [Podcast]

Simi Fromen is a mom, inspirational writer & author, yoga teacher, health coach and self-love advocate devoted to helping you empower yourself in remembering your light.

She knows what it’s like to lose yourself in health and in self-worth, searching for a way back to to your true nature, the heart. She has invested in nutrition school, yoga trainings, yoga for anxiety and depression, spiritual development, and mindset trainings. She's a certified health coach through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. She embeds all of these teachings and her life lessons into a w(holistic) approach to wellness, creating more space in your mind, body, and heart.

She has suffered from depression, body image, self-love and owning her worth. She waited until she was ready. And then she realized she would never feel ready. It wasn’t until she got out of her way and began to shift her mindset, have faith and believe in her worth, did she start to own her power again.



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