Love is Blind Season 2 Analysis

Uncategorized Mar 21, 2022

For those of you who geeked out on the Netflix show Love is Blind (season 2), this episode is for you! Yes, it's reality TV which doesn't have the best rep for being...well...real...but we can actually learn A LOT from observing these singles and couples. 

In this episode I give my personal analysis of the individuals in the cast, as well as their relationships. Like, why did Nick and Danielle appear so toxic in the dating stages and they ended up being one of the only couples to actually make it even a year later?

I fan girl over Deepti and Natalie and what we can learn from both of them as single women. We discuss why Shane is a Gumball Guy (if you couldn't tell already), and why Mallory and Sal appeared like such a cute couple but it didn't work.


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