I Did This Before I Found Love

In this episode, I want to share with you all the things I did to level up my life that I believe prepared me for the love I'm experiencing now. 

And I'll let you in on a has nothing to do with dating, or having the right pictures and words on your profile to attract the right all has to do with going back to YOU and curating your ideal life.

Not only did this help prepare me for this relationship, but it also helped me to not lose myself in this relationship. 

This is a problem I had in the past, and a theme I see with my clients...losing yourself so much in a relationship that it's so difficult to break out of because you don't know who you are without this person.

So tune in for some awesome, practical tips you can start incorporating right away into your life in order to be grounded in who you are and prepare you to meet the love of your life!

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