How to Get Over a Break Up and Move On ASAP

Fresh out of a break up? Even if you're months or even years out and still not over your ex, here are my top 34 things to do to get over a break up (non of which include binge drinking or drowning your sorrows in ice cream!) These are healthy, productive methods that actually work to help you move on.

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Need help stopping the cycle of toxic relationships, living happily single, and finding true love? If you're tired of being the only person in your friend group who's not in a healthy, happy relationship, I can help you! Here's how:


What If He Comes Back?

It can be so exciting when the ex or that guy you were talking to comes back around, saying how he's been thinking of you and missing you. 

But as soon as you start talking about yourself and what's new in your life, he's bored. Or he starts talking about this other girl he's talking to, or all these problems in his life.

As much as he said he's changed, these are very clear signals that things are still the same. In this episode, I talk about exactly what to look out for to see if this guy has really changed or if it's the same old Gumball Guy, and exactly what to say to get rid of him for good.

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Will he complete me? Finding what makes YOUR heart sing

Are you sitting there, waiting to find someone to "complete" you?

Do you feel like your life won't really begin, or you can't let it begin, without finding "The One"?

Are you feeling purposeless and unfulfilled in your life, and thinking if you could just find the guy, things would finally all fall into place and you'll be happy?

Then you NEED to hear this episode my girl!!

Unfortunately, Hollywood gives us this perception that we are all incomplete people, and we need to find the one who will complete us and we'll ride happily into the sunset. 

It's a lie. We must first learn to see ourselves as complete, and love ourselves just as we are right now. We must focus on fulfilling our own lives and stop waiting for the guy.

In this episode, I dive into how you can start finding fulfillment in your life while you are single, and really enjoy the single phase. 

I also discuss:

  • How Gumball Love became my calling..I didn't just stumble onto it and I didn't always know that this...

Is Your Ex Still in Your Head?

Are you carrying around the weight of how your ex made you feel not good enough, into new relationships? Or maybe it's even affecting relationships with friends, family, or your work life. Don't beat yourself up about it or carry shame around about it!

"You're still gonna miss a guy that treated you poorly. It's part of the process."

You have so much love to give, and yet when you try to give this love, the men you're with question it. They doubt you and your love. Which gets into your head, and now you're questioning your own worth and value.

Now, when you try to date or get into a new relationship, you're questioning everything you say and do, and analyzing everything he says about you. It's exhausting.

The message I want to get across in this episode is that:

  1. These men are insecure, so they try to dim your light to make themselves feel better
  2. We all come from messy backgrounds, many of us didn't receive healthy love with our parents, so we need to do our own work to heal...

Why you haven't found real love yet [Podcast episode 45]

Everyone on this earth is capable of finding real, lasting love, and everyone deserves it. But not everyone knows, REALLY knows and feels in their heart that they deserve it. 

This episode is for YOU if:

  • You're always waiting for him to text you back
  • You're constantly trying to mold and bend into what you think he wants you to be
  • You have trouble relaxing on the date because you're worried about how you look or how you're coming off
  • You always feel like you're putting way more effort into communication and plans than he is

You were born fully capable of sending and receiving real love. And somewhere along the way, the difference between real love and Gumball love (attention addiction) got lost. But it's not gone forever. Transformations happen, I see them every day in the women I coach one on one and in the Back to YOU Academy, and you can transform, too.

I'm fired up in this episode (again) but it comes from a place of love. I see your worth and value so...


Who are you really getting ready for? [Podcast Ep 39]

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One of the girls in the Back to YOU Academy had an amazing revelation that I HAD to share with you (without sharing her name, of course!).

She was about to be going on a date with someone she met online.

And thought, as she was doing the make-up, the hair, choosing the right dress..."Who am I really getting ready for? Why am I dressing up and putting in all this effort for these guys who I don't even know?"

She is still healing from a past relationship and hasn't really gotten to a place yet where she knows who she is and is comfortable in her own skin.

She realized these dates are just a momentary escape that don't really serve her.

She was molding into whatever these guys wanted her to be, and not truly just being herself..because she doesn't know who that is. YET.

The real person you need to be dating right now is in the mirror.

So that eventually, when...


How Samantha went from suicidal, to living her dream life and walking away from her Gumball Guy forever [Podcast]

Samantha went from being suicidal to creating a whole new life including quadrupling her income. We had exchanged many direct messages and I wanted you to hear her whole story.  She shares all the juicy details including her text-only relationship that consumed her entire life for years. She goes deep about her childhood bully turned best friend and going from homeless and jobless to the most successful she has ever been. You will feel as if you are eavesdropping on our conversation as we go down all the bending and winding roads of her journey. I know I could relate on so many levels and I know you will too.

To reach Samantha directly you can email her at [email protected]

Samantha was kind enough to offer her email address if you want to reach out to her with any questions or just to give her feedback.  I would love it if you told her your thoughts and how this story has impacted your life.   She would be so grateful.

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How Long Will it Take to Get Over Him? [Podcast]

Analogy #1: The Ducks and the Swans

Do you ever go to the park and see two ducks thrashing around, flailing their wings, making loud noises and disturbing the peace of the rest of the pond community? This is like you and your Gumball guy fighting, although you may mistake it for passion.

Now picture the white swan on the other side of the pond, calmly gliding through the water, unbothered. She might look over at the dramatic ducks and think, “What the heck? How do they live like that?”. When this lady-swan sees another handsome man-swan who is calmly gliding through the water as well, they will recognize each other as peaceful beings that can come together and make that cute little heart shape with their necks, ya know what I’m saying?

The Purpose of the Back to YOU Academy

The work we do in the Back To YOU Academy is to make the path smoother and clearer to get you to majestic swan status.

The thing is, this is a process. And you might feel overwhelmed just...


When you need to let him go but you can't [Podcast]

He's bad for you, you know what the right thing is to do, but for some reason you feel stuck.  You can't think during the day, you listen to love songs and keep wondering why it can't be with him.  

This a podcast you can listen to on repeat.  I have been here many times and I know exactly what it takes to help you change the dialogue in your head.  

It will help you gain strength in the darkest moment and clarity where you didn't think you could get it. 

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Poetry in Divorce Court - How Simi Fromen found her voice [Podcast]

Simi Fromen is a mom, inspirational writer & author, yoga teacher, health coach and self-love advocate devoted to helping you empower yourself in remembering your light.

She knows what it’s like to lose yourself in health and in self-worth, searching for a way back to to your true nature, the heart. She has invested in nutrition school, yoga trainings, yoga for anxiety and depression, spiritual development, and mindset trainings. She's a certified health coach through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. She embeds all of these teachings and her life lessons into a w(holistic) approach to wellness, creating more space in your mind, body, and heart.

She has suffered from depression, body image, self-love and owning her worth. She waited until she was ready. And then she realized she would never feel ready. It wasn’t until she got out of her way and began to shift her mindset, have faith and believe in her worth, did she start to own her power again.


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