My Unpopular Opinion on Feeling Butterflies

A lot of coaches out there will tell you feeling butterflies around a new guy is a bad sign, because it means your nervous system is recognizing danger. This just isn't totally true, butterflies CAN actually be a good thing, as long as they're not overtaking your ability to spot the potential red flags.

In this episode, I'm breaking down:

  • What the sensation of butterflies actually is from a physiological perspective
  • Why, from a physiological perspective, butterflies aren't always a bad thing
  • My personal experience with butterflies and how it's gone both good and bad
  • When feeling butterflies becomes a bad thing
  • How you can distinguish between when the butterflies are a warning sign vs. just excitement

Feeling uncomfortable on dates, like you have to perform, be someone you're not, anxious wondering what he's thinking of you? I help my clients feel totally confident in their skin on dates, and to know how to spot the red flags. You don't have to be currently dating to work...


How to Find The One by Reverse Engineering

Are you dating with a sense of urgency and a timeline? 

If you ask any happily married couple if they had a sense of urgency to find the one when they met each other, most of them will probably say no.

When you're dating with this mentality, it's like you're starving, and so ANYTHING to eat looks good. It clouds your judgement, and you'll either miss the red flags or rationalize them to keep things moving along.

In this episode, we reverse-engineer dating by looking at what causes divorces, and what happy marriages have in common, so you can know what to look for and what to avoid.

If you're having trouble moving out of that "urgency" mentality, especially if you're dating after 30, I can help!

Work with Melissa

Need help stopping the cycle of toxic relationships, living happily single, and finding true love? If you're tired of being the only person in your friend group who's not in a healthy, happy relationship, I can help you! Here's how:


How to Stop the Cycle of Rejection and Pain

In this episode we're talking about why you're in the cycle of rejection and pain, why that pain of rejection is so great, and how to stop the cycle.

If you continue to find yourself meeting guys who seem great in the beginning, and then with no explanation they disappear or they turn out to be not who you thought they were, and then you're stuck in what appears to be a never-ending funk of sadness and anxiety about what the future holds for you, this one is for you!

It is all a simple mindset shift that you can start implementing today to immediately feel content about your present moment, no matter the circumstances.

Work with Melissa

Need help stopping the cycle of toxic relationships, living happily single, and finding true love? If you're tired of being the only person in your friend group who's not in a healthy, happy relationship, I can help you! Here's how:

  • The Level Up for Love one-on-one coaching package, which includes taking the Gumball Love...

How will I know if he's the right guy?

In this episode I'll be answering a listener question: How will I know if he's the right guy? She also feared that she may have so much self worth and love that no guy will ever be good enough for her. So if you've asked yourself similar questions, you'll want to tune in to this episode!

There are tons of "lists" out there that you'll find on Buzzfeed or wherever, but you know I always say there are no hard and fast "rules" in love, or one size fits all. So, this is a list of some simple things to look out for and what I've personally experienced after dating many guys who were definitely NOT the right one, and finally finding the guy who is. 

I also discuss how to be supportive and compassionate, without playing the role of his therapist and trying to help him heal when it's too big for you to handle (because you're not his therapist!!). 

The top three things are:

1. You're having fun with them all the time. Even the moments in life that are...


How to Stop Anxiety

When we are experiencing anxiety, it often means we are focusing on and worrying about things that are out of our control. 2020 has been full of things out of our control, so let's talk about how to soothe ourselves when anxiety starts creeping up and stop it from taking over us!

First, I'll chat about what anxiety is and what can cause it. Then, I'll be sharing with you everything that has worked for me for grounding myself in those moments where anxiety becomes overwhelming. 

As always, remember that there is NOTHING wrong with you. Anxiety is not a part of you, it's normal, and it's something we can manage.


How to Stop Anxiety

  1. Write down the things that you do have right now that make you stable on the most basic survival level. Do you have food, shelter, water, security?
  2. Then write what you have in terms of physical health. Do you have all five senses? All fingers and toes? 
  3. Next write down your support system- who you have to rely on, your close...

Sex and the City, Q&A, and calming dating anxiety [Podcast]

In this episode I answer your questions about dating, anxiety, dealing with rejection and breadcrumbers and my thoughts on Sex and the City after binging on it recently.   

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