How to Get Over Your Ex [Podcast]

Are you over your ex?  

Or are you obsessing over him?  Has it been weeks, months or even years?  Melissa will break this down in a way you have never heard before.   You will never think of your ex the same again and you will revisit this podcast over and over each time you get tempted to reach out to him.  

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Too Good to Leave; Too Bad to Stay [Podcast]

Uncategorized Jun 13, 2019

Should you stay or leave? 

My good friend and special guest, Elaine Zlaket, gets very personal as she shares how she walked away from her 12 year relationship from the father of her 8 year old son.   It wasn’t easy, but she shares the raw details, the struggles and how she came through to the other side. If you are considering leaving your relationship or can’t get over your ex, this episode is for you!

Find Elaine on Instagram: @ElaineZlaket 


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What is Gumball Love? [Podcast]

blog gumball love podcast Jun 13, 2019

What is Gumball Love?

Gumball Love is a brand-new concept that will literally change how you look at dating and relationships forever. Tune into this episode as Melissa goes deep into this formula that is now creating a world-wide movement. 

Gumball Love is Attention addiction:  Attention is just like a Gumball, temporarily intense and sweet but soon the effect is gone. Guys addicted to the “Gumball (any flavor of attention), get a high from the excitement, adoration and validation. During this cycle they appear to be falling in love. Suddenly the high is gone and they pull away, ghost or cheat leaving you feeling confused, rejected and heartbroken.

This podcast is about finding real relationships and filtering out the Gumball Guys.    You will become an expert at seeing the red flags long before you fall in love.  This new awareness will bring back the fun in dating, give you confidence again and set you on the course to finding true love while being...


Are you a Gumball Girl? [Podcast]

You know he’s a Gumball Guy. But you couldn't stop thinking about him, so you just sent him a cute selfie. He responded and it made you feel really good. Now you're wondering, "Am I a Gumball Girl?".

The short answer: No! You are not Mrs. Gumball. I get this question a lot in my private messages, emails, and very recently in the private Facebook group.

It’s perfectly normal for you to start wondering if you are a Gumball Girl. But that’s the key difference between you and a real Gumball Girl. You have that ability to self-reflect. You are working to improve yourself by listening to this podcast, joining the Facebook group, joining the Academy, and all the other wonderful self-development things you’re doing.

The other key difference is that the Gumball Person is addicted to the attention. They don’t know how to function in a healthy intimate relationship, so they’ll be really intense and lovey-dovey one minute, disappear, and then come...


How To Get Out of a Funk [Podcast]

Are you in a funk, or do you just need to recharge?

Sometimes we feel like we’re in a dark place because we’re tired, overworked, stuck in our routine, sad about being single, and haven’t done anything in a long time that “sparks joy”, to reference Marie Kondo!

We need to take the time to enjoy our lives right now because we never know what’s going to happen tomorrow. Sometimes it’s as easy as going for a walk in nature, lighting some candles, or listening to your favorite songs with no other distractions (yes, put that phone away girl!!).

I dare you to ask yourself: are you waiting for something else to happen, or someone else to appear, before you really start to enjoy your life?

At the end of this podcast I want you to #fightthefunk by thinking of five small things you can get excited about that you will actually do. Here are mine:

  1. Take a pottery class
  2. Go to the park more often
  3. Explore more of NYC
  4. Go to a wine and cheese tasting
  5. See...

When he says, "I don't deserve you." [Podcast]

blog gumball love podcast May 13, 2019

When you’re with him, everything feels so right. But he keeps saying, “I can’t be the man you need. You deserve better.” He goes away, and then comes back.

You find yourself watering down your success and independence to meet him at his level, to convince him that he is needed. 

Listen to what he’s actually saying. He’s speaking the truth- you DO deserve better. But because you’ve been conditioned to think you should be modest and you’ve seen how mentioning your success scares men away, you make yourself small. In this episode, you'll gain clarity as to why he says this, how his words and actions are impacting you, and what you can do about it.

How long will you let someone else’s fear of rejection hold you down? There are successful men out there looking for successful women to grow together with. The longer you dismiss how amazing you really are, the longer you are missing out on the opportunity to move...

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