Leveling Up and Raising Your Standards

boundaries self worth Sep 28, 2021

This is the episode for you if you're sick of waiting around for the guy to text you back, or to actually take initiative and ask you out, but you're hesitant to actually cut him loose.

This episode is inspired by one of the girls in the community who DMed me a revelation she had where she finally raised her standards and stopped settling. Now, she feels liberated in dating.

This episode is designed to show you what your dating life and relationships can look like when you raise your standards and draw those boundaries!

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Are You Giving Too Much to the Wrong People?

boundaries self love Jan 24, 2021

"Boundaries" seems to be quite a buzzword these days, but I know it's something we all struggle with and it can be very misunderstood, so we're going to break it down here! 

When we hear "boundaries", what often comes to mind is the image of cutting out every unhealthy person in your life, which can seem quite daunting and scary.

Cutting people out of your life can be part of creating boundaries, but this is just the surface. There's much more work to be done beneath the surface, but it's so worth it! After you do this work, you will feel calm and confident about your boundaries, rather than frantic and insecure.

Creating boundaries in your life is lifelong a process. A process of recognizing where and with who there is pain and friction in your life, grieving what you wanted but which cannot be, recognizing what YOU can do (not telling the other person what they should or shouldn't do), and LOVING YOURSELF through the mistakes.

Yes, you are human, so you will make mistakes in...


How to set boundaries in relationships [Podcast EP 44]

Healthy boundaries are becoming more and more of a popular topic these days. If you didn't grow up in a family with healthy boundaries (and many of us didn't) you wouldn't even know what boundaries look like or that you could have them.

Having boundaries is important because it preserves our energy. If you're constantly letting people in who suck away your energy, you will be left totally empty, exhausted, and unable to operate at your highest frequency. The world needs your light and your energy, so let's get this sorted!

In this podcast episode we'll cover:

  • How to know what your boundaries are
  • Why setting boundaries is important
  • Why we often avoid setting boundaries
  • What happens if you don't set boundaries
  • How to sort out which people in your life are crossing your boundaries
  • What it feels like and looks like to set boundaries (examples)

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