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Is Your Man Holding You Back In Your Business?

It’s so great to meet you and I appreciate you listening to the Podcast.  Whether you know me through Cara’s snap chat or we are meeting for the first time, I am so excited you are here.  After recording the

What Is A Gumball Guy?

The Gumball Guy puts in a quarter to get a  Gumball.  The quarter is what provokes you to give him attention.  The Gumball is any flavor of attention that brings the focus back to him. Example:   “Send a Pic”

Online Dating Red Flags Before Your First Date!

Online Dating is Troll Headquarters.  Any idiot can hide behind his computer and say anything.   As much as we know this, navigating it can be very depressing.   My whole platform is about saving you time and preventing you

Better prepared

“My biggest issue was, if someone I loved so dearly and I thought adored me could do this to me? How will I know if the next person won’t do the same thing? Now, after learning about Gumball Love, I feel better prepared on what to keep my eye open for and how to see if the men in my life are Gumball Guys.”

Jessica M. Tulsa, OK

Life Changing!

“Melissa I never realized I was letting so many people reject me in small ways. I was constantly doubting myself and feeling like I wasn’t good enough so I’d give up and talk about them so they would like me. I never realized I was just letting them put in a quarter for a Gumball. Life changing!”

Melanie A Albany, NY

Moving Forward

Through Gumball Love, I am now able to see how these type of men (or women) are constantly seeking attention and validation... ...Moving forward, I have a better view of what I will be looking for once I’m ready to get back out there and date again.

Jessica M.

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