How to respond to "Let's take things slow" [Podcast Episode 42]

We've all heard the advice before to "take it slow" so that we don't get hurt again. When a guy says this to you, or when you're thinking you need to do this with a new guy, it may seem sensible, but it's really not.

It's another form of manipulation and control. It's saying, "I haven't done the work to heal from my past relationship, and so I'm going to carry that into this relationship and I expect you to sensor yourself so that I'm not triggered, thank you very much."

In episode 42, we cover:

  • What he really means by "let's take things slow"
  • Why requesting to "take things slow" prevents the ability to create intimacy
  • How to know if you're relationship is moving at a healthy speed
  • What happy couples say about "taking things slow" and other "rules of dating"
  • What to respond when he says "let's take things slow"
  • How to be confident in knowing that it's time to stop dating the guy who wants to "take things slow" and walk away
  • Updates on the transformations of the girls currently in...

Are you open to receiving love? [Podcast Episode 40]

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Wow, episode number 40!! Thank you all so much who have been listening from the beginning, and those who have joined along the way. 

In this episode, I get really vulnerable with you. I want to let you in on what I've struggled with along this journey of coaching and sharing the Gumball Love concept.

As a challenge to you AND to myself, we need to start claiming our success. When someone falls in love with us and sees our best qualities, we need to be able to receive that love. 

I let you in on what it was really like for me trying to get this concept of Gumball Love started 10 years ago. It took me a long, long time of fighting my own fears and doubts in order to finally put this idea out there.

And even today, those old feelings of embarrassment creep up--it's hard for me to receive the praise from the girls in the...


Who are you really getting ready for? [Podcast Ep 39]

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One of the girls in the Back to YOU Academy had an amazing revelation that I HAD to share with you (without sharing her name, of course!).

She was about to be going on a date with someone she met online.

And thought, as she was doing the make-up, the hair, choosing the right dress..."Who am I really getting ready for? Why am I dressing up and putting in all this effort for these guys who I don't even know?"

She is still healing from a past relationship and hasn't really gotten to a place yet where she knows who she is and is comfortable in her own skin.

She realized these dates are just a momentary escape that don't really serve her.

She was molding into whatever these guys wanted her to be, and not truly just being herself..because she doesn't know who that is. YET.

The real person you need to be dating right now is in the mirror.

So that eventually, when...


Are you Ready to Date Again after a Toxic Relationship?

Are you ready to date again? You recently got out of a toxic relationship...cheers to you! So how do you know if you're ready to get back into the dating scene or if you should take a break?

We all know that saying..."To get over him you have to get under someone else." Does that really work? It "works" for Gumball People. And you are not a Gumball Person, because you're reading this post!

In this episode I go over why it's important to hold off on dating after a toxic relationship and how to get ready to date again with examples and of course, know I love analogies;)

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Why it's important to wait until you're ready to date again

We underestimate the damage of being in a toxic relationship. Our Gumball ex is that voice of doubt in the back of our minds whenever we do something. Like when you're trying to decide if you should buy a plant or a...


Why Strong Independent Women Struggle with Finding Love [Podcast]

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Girl, I see you. You're a strong, independent woman. You've worked hard. You got that big promotion. You're making your own money. You made that big achievement. 

For a long time, as you've been focused on your career, you've been saying, "I don't need no man."

You definitely don't need a man, can't argue with that, but you're here listening to this podcast because you WANT one. And why is it so hard to find one who doesn't turn into a big disappointment? When will Mr. Right appear?

I'm about to give you some tough love. 

Continue Reading/Listening for the Truth

You're strong and independent because at some point in your childhood or in early dating experiences you learned that you're on your own, you were made to feel that you're not valued, and so you had to tell yourself that you don't need anyone and to prove your worth through your...


When He Does a 180 [Podcast]

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Special Announcement- Don't forget!

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You're dating a guy and things are going great. You're having fun, maybe you've met his family, it seems like things are getting really serious.

But then he does a complete 180. He goes cold, doesn't answer text messages. Or he says "I think we should just be friends." 

You start thinking maybe you've done something wrong. You become obsessive, looking at old text message threads to see if it was something you've said.

But this is the Gumball Guy my friends. He was playing a part all...


When he says, "I can't give you what you need" [Podcast]

When the guy you love more than anything in the world says he can't give you what you need, it is devastating.  You feel defensive, you want to fight for the relationship and you search desperately for answers.   

You ask, "Am I asking for too much? How can he just walk away? I thought everything was just fine?  How can he not love me enough to stay and work it out?"

This episode goes deep in to all angles of this helping you decode his behavior and recognize what you can and can't fix, empowering you to move forward without blaming yourself or feeling like you are too much or not enough. 

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Poetry in Divorce Court - How Simi Fromen found her voice [Podcast]

Simi Fromen is a mom, inspirational writer & author, yoga teacher, health coach and self-love advocate devoted to helping you empower yourself in remembering your light.

She knows what it’s like to lose yourself in health and in self-worth, searching for a way back to to your true nature, the heart. She has invested in nutrition school, yoga trainings, yoga for anxiety and depression, spiritual development, and mindset trainings. She's a certified health coach through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. She embeds all of these teachings and her life lessons into a w(holistic) approach to wellness, creating more space in your mind, body, and heart.

She has suffered from depression, body image, self-love and owning her worth. She waited until she was ready. And then she realized she would never feel ready. It wasn’t until she got out of her way and began to shift her mindset, have faith and believe in her worth, did she start to own her power again.



How Losing 30 Pounds, Ballroom Dancing, and Rebranding Changed Everything [Podcast]


After dropping 30 lbs, losing my dog Maggie, Rebranding Gumball Love, Ballroom dancing, performing on Broadway, changing my full-time job and the launch of my first two 8- week academies…it’s time to start this Podcast again!  I am so excited to share all the updates, learning experiences and the growth I have experienced in this time. 

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New Relationship Anxiety: What's the Fear Really About? [Podcast]

"I met a new guy, and I'm scared."

You've met a new guy. He's nice, mature, handsome...all the things, and you're scared. You're scared he won't like you, or that he will end up being another Gumball Guy.

There's probably a toxic relationship not too far away in your rearview mirror, and you're coming up on an exit to a New Relationship. Are you going to get off the exit and start fresh, or are you going to keep driving with the pain from the past following you and controlling you? 

Maybe it's time to take a pit stop and ask yourself, am I really into this guy? Why am I so worried if he likes me? What qualities are we both bringing to the table? What's the real reason behind why I feel scared and how can I stop?

First things first, do you know your own worth?

It's going to be hard, but I want you to not assume the worst of this new guy. There's a difference in projecting your past negative experiences on him and being appropriately observant of his...


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