Who are you really getting ready for? [Podcast Ep 39]

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One of the girls in the Back to YOU Academy had an amazing revelation that I HAD to share with you (without sharing her name, of course!).

She was about to be going on a date with someone she met online.

And thought, as she was doing the make-up, the hair, choosing the right dress..."Who am I really getting ready for? Why am I dressing up and putting in all this effort for these guys who I don't even know?"

She is still healing from a past relationship and hasn't really gotten to a place yet where she knows who she is and is comfortable in her own skin.

She realized these dates are just a momentary escape that don't really serve her.

She was molding into whatever these guys wanted her to be, and not truly just being herself..because she doesn't know who that is. YET.

The real person you need to be dating right now is in the mirror.

So that eventually, when you're ready, you can sit across the table on a date, completely relaxed and confident in who you are. Your mind is cleared of insecurities and you can focus on getting to know the person across from you and having a good time.

In this episode, I talk about how you get there.

Do you feel unsure if you should be dating right now? Are you trying to get over someone and have no idea how? Do you feel like you've totally lost yourself? The Back to YOU Academy is designed to help you heal and understand exactly who you are. 

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