Will he complete me? Finding what makes YOUR heart sing

finding yourself get over him get over your ex self love self worth Oct 11, 2020

Are you sitting there, waiting to find someone to "complete" you?

Do you feel like your life won't really begin, or you can't let it begin, without finding "The One"?

Are you feeling purposeless and unfulfilled in your life, and thinking if you could just find the guy, things would finally all fall into place and you'll be happy?

Then you NEED to hear this episode my girl!!

Unfortunately, Hollywood gives us this perception that we are all incomplete people, and we need to find the one who will complete us and we'll ride happily into the sunset. 

It's a lie. We must first learn to see ourselves as complete, and love ourselves just as we are right now. We must focus on fulfilling our own lives and stop waiting for the guy.

In this episode, I dive into how you can start finding fulfillment in your life while you are single, and really enjoy the single phase. 

I also discuss:

  • How Gumball Love became my calling..I didn't just stumble onto it and I didn't always know that this was my calling
  • How I figured out my significant other was the one for me
  • Why we love the 50 Shades of Grey Movies/Books even though we know it's bad
  • How to get clearer on who you are and what you want
  • How to find happiness and fulfillment in your life right now (while still single)

I also share some exciting news about my "little sister" from the Big Brothers Big Sisters program!!


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