Is Your Ex Still in Your Head?

breakups dating advice get over your ex narcissists singles advice Oct 05, 2020

Are you carrying around the weight of how your ex made you feel not good enough, into new relationships? Or maybe it's even affecting relationships with friends, family, or your work life. Don't beat yourself up about it or carry shame around about it!

"You're still gonna miss a guy that treated you poorly. It's part of the process."

You have so much love to give, and yet when you try to give this love, the men you're with question it. They doubt you and your love. Which gets into your head, and now you're questioning your own worth and value.

Now, when you try to date or get into a new relationship, you're questioning everything you say and do, and analyzing everything he says about you. It's exhausting.

The message I want to get across in this episode is that:

  1. These men are insecure, so they try to dim your light to make themselves feel better
  2. We all come from messy backgrounds, many of us didn't receive healthy love with our parents, so we need to do our own work to heal and not rely on a partner to be the constant source of our happiness
  3. We also need to question whether these men whose opinion we're so worried about, is actually a healthy person capable of true love
  4. Use this time of being single to REALLY get to know and love yourself

"Go with what you love. There's so many things in this world, but you need to know and fall in love with the things that make you who you are."

I go much deeper into all of these things and use an example of a recent client situation--a high-achieving, ambitious  woman who was made to believe that she should tone down her accomplishments and achievements. It's such an eye opener!! 

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