My Unpopular Opinion on Feeling Butterflies

dating advice dating anxiety dating coach Jun 13, 2022

A lot of coaches out there will tell you feeling butterflies around a new guy is a bad sign, because it means your nervous system is recognizing danger. This just isn't totally true, butterflies CAN actually be a good thing, as long as they're not overtaking your ability to spot the potential red flags.

In this episode, I'm breaking down:

  • What the sensation of butterflies actually is from a physiological perspective
  • Why, from a physiological perspective, butterflies aren't always a bad thing
  • My personal experience with butterflies and how it's gone both good and bad
  • When feeling butterflies becomes a bad thing
  • How you can distinguish between when the butterflies are a warning sign vs. just excitement

Feeling uncomfortable on dates, like you have to perform, be someone you're not, anxious wondering what he's thinking of you? I help my clients feel totally confident in their skin on dates, and to know how to spot the red flags. You don't have to be currently dating to work with me, in fact, it's great if you're not currently dating!

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