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Are You Giving Too Much to the Wrong People?

boundaries self love Jan 24, 2021
Woman emotionally supporting another woman who looks upset

"Boundaries" seems to be quite a buzzword these days, but I know it's something we all struggle with and it can be very misunderstood, so we're going to break it down here! 

When we hear "boundaries", what often comes to mind is the image of cutting out every unhealthy person in your life, which can seem quite daunting and scary.

Cutting people out of your life can be part of creating boundaries, but this is just the surface. There's much more work to be done beneath the surface, but it's so worth it! After you do this work, you will feel calm and confident about your boundaries, rather than frantic and insecure.

Creating boundaries in your life is lifelong a process. A process of recognizing where and with who there is pain and friction in your life, grieving what you wanted but which cannot be, recognizing what YOU can do (not telling the other person what they should or shouldn't do), and LOVING YOURSELF through the mistakes.

Yes, you are human, so you will make mistakes in the process. It's ok. Just stay open, and communicate your intentions. 

Join me in this episode as I dive deeper into what boundaries are, the process of creating boundaries, how to recognize when your boundaries have been crossed, and more!


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