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The Subtle Yellow Flags You're Missing in Dating

Jun 10, 2021

We hear a lot about red flags in dating, and often they are centered around what the guy is doing. Whether he's sending d*ck pics, he leaves you on "read" for days, he doesn't have any friends, etc.

At this point, these things are pretty obvious. But what about the more subtle yellow flags we tend to miss? These are less related to what he is doing, but how you are feeling when interacting with him.

Taking a moment to pause and tune in to how you are feeling can give you massive clues as to who this guy really is and whether or not he's worth your time.


And I don't mean just feeling sad or happy...nah, we're going to dig way deeper than that.

Are things hot and heavy, intense, passionate? Do you feel really sensual and sexy? If it's too early on, you're likely dating an "Arouse Me" Gumball Guy.

Are you feeling like you're really interesting and entertaining one second, and the next you can't hang on to his attention and you start to worry you're boring him? You may be dating an "Entertain Me" Gumball Guy.

In this episode, I go through each of the Gumball Guys and give you the subtle yellow flags of how you might feel around them, so you can start to catch yourself in these feelings and back away before you get too deep into it.

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