Lauren Took a Year Long Dating Break at 40: A Client Success Story

Sep 26, 2022

Like many women approaching their 40's and still single, Lauren was feeling anxious, lonely, and grieving the fact that she may never get married or have kids. She was stuck in a pattern of dating the same time of guy over and over, always ending up with a broken heart...all while grieving the loss of her father.

Until she decided to commit to herself and give herself a year off from dating to focus solely on herself. That's when she started to truly see her worth and value, and now she is in a happy, healthy relationship!

Tune in to hear:

  • How Lauren found out about Gumball Love and what made her decide it was time to stop the cycle and work with Melissa
  • The moment Lauren knew it was time for a change
  • The type of Gumball Guy Lauren was going after
  • What Lauren did during her year long break from dating to discover herself and her worth
  • How her relationship now is different from in the past (healthy vs. Gumball Love)
  • What advice Lauren would give to someone struggling to find love and dating later in life
  • How one-on-one coaching and group coaching with Melissa helped Lauren

and more!

Work with Melissa

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