How to Filter like a Freak

flavors of gumball love gumball guy red flags Sep 19, 2021

I used to put up with all the red flags. I'd let things slide because I didn't have the belief that I'd ever actually find a guy...since I'm tall, opinionated and financially successful. 

This scarcity mindset hugely backfired! It kept me stuck in the cycle of dating Gumball Guys for years. The ironic thing is, all the things about myself that I was trying to hide, are the things my partner now loves the most.

This episode is to give you rapid fire the top things to look out for to know if you're dating or talking to a Gumball Guy, and to also remind you how important it is to BELIEVE. Believe that you are worthy, believe that there IS the perfect guy out there for you, and that you don't have to settle.

We also have a brand new workbook available to give you the full breakdown of all the different flavors of Gumball Guys and the red flags to look out for. Get it on the first page at!

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