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How to Break Free from Toxic Thought Patterns

gumball love self love self worth trauma healing Jun 17, 2021
Silhouette of a woman's face over layed with an image of a tree

You may have heard someone say at some point in your life, "thoughts are things."

This saying took on a whole new meaning for me after listening to The Ed Mylette Show episode with Dr. Caroline Leaf. Dr. Caroline Leaf is a neuroscientist, mental health and mind expert and if you're not following her on Instagram...what are you doing!!

I'm already a huge fan of her work but the way she just explained this concept about thoughts really blew my mind and I had to hop on the mic and share with you guys!

Basically, when we are thinking, you can actually SEE with a microscope something physically forming in the brain. And it looks like a tree! The thought starts, and that's the trunk of the tree, then as you think more thoughts related to that, the trunk grows branches, and the branches grow leaves. 

AND..the trees can shrink and disappear as you don't continue to dwell on those thoughts.

If you're like me, sometimes anxious thoughts and worrying about false realities can keep you up all night. Dr. Leaf shares an awesome exercise to do on eliminating these "thought trees" to calm your anxiety, which I share with you in this episode!

I also dig more into Dr. Nicole LePera's book How to Do The Work and what it means to heal your childhood trauma. These anxious "thought trees" tend to stem from...see what I did there? ;)....childhood trauma, so it all ties together nicely. Enjoy!!

Resources Mentioned

How to Do the Work by Nicole LePera

The Ed Mylett Show episode with Dr. Caroline Leaf

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