Do You Really Need a Dating Coach?: Kristy's Success Story

breakups client stories divorce Oct 04, 2022
A woman finds a healthy relationship through working with a dating coach

Coaching results, 4 years later! Kristy didn't want to get a coach. She said, "I'm smart, I am successful, I should be able to figure this out." When her best friend told her, "We can't keep having this conversation, you need to talk to someone" It was a sign. Kristy is a total badass, finance guru (paid off over $400K in debt in 18 months), and single mom of her gorgeous teenage daughter. We sat down to talk about "Where are things now? and Do the results last?"

We also discuss:

  • What was the breaking point when she knew it was time to leave her marriage even though she had a one and a half year old daughter with him
  • How she decided it was finally time to invest in a coach
  • What benefits she got from coaching
  • What she would say to someone considering coaching but on the fence
  • How her life is now, four years later

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