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Do You Have an Anxious Attachment Style in Relationships?

attachment styles healing relationship advice Sep 20, 2020

"My longterm mission is to help as many people as possible get healthy themselves, find healthy partners, and have healthy children." -Melissa Leger

"How you formed an attachment to your caregivers in infancy often sets the tone for how you experience your adult relationships.

If your parents were slow or inconsistent with tending to your needs, you might have become anxiously attached.

When you’re an adult, you may subconsciously repeat similar behaviors you experienced in childhood, in your romantic relationships." Source.

We can talk about avoiding red flags and Gumball Guys, but when it comes to actually being in a healthy relationship and being attracted to a healthy relationship, I want to bring to your attention that you may have anxiety around the actual attachment part.

We don't have to be perfect and totally secure before entering a relationship, but it's important to become aware of your attachment style so that you can sooth yourself and know what you need, rather than relying on your partner, because they're really not capable to help you.

In this episode of Gumball Love, I discuss:

  • What are some signs you may have an anxious attachment style
  • How do we develop an anxious attachment style
  • How to sooth ourselves and meet our own needs when our anxiety is coming out in our relationship

Please remember, I am not a therapist and the content of this episode is not to be substituted for therapy with a professional. Someday soon I hope to bring a therapist onto this podcast to teach us even more about attachment styles, so if you know of anyone, please send them my way!

"You do not have to be perfect to meet a significant other. You do not have to have arrived. It's all part of the journey." -Melissa Leger


Attachment styles article referenced here.

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