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Three Pillars to Grow Confidence from Within with Christina Lecuyer

Sep 05, 2022

Are you struggling with self worth, self love, and confidence? Christina Lecuyer was a beautiful professional golfer who seemed to have everything going for her..looks, fame, money, a relationship..but behind closed doors she was struggling far more than anyone knew. By DECIDING to be happier, she turned her life around, and you can too! Christina shares helpful strategies for anyone wanting to up-level their mindset, confidence and life.

Today we discuss:

  • How Christina went from professional golfer, hiding an eating disorder, to loving herself and creating an abundant life
  • The falsity of "I'll be happy when.. X happens"
  • What she did in the very beginning to start growing confidence
  • Christina's top tips for growing self confidence
  • Christina's secret to her happy, successful marriage
  • and more!

Connect with Christina:

Instagram: @bechristina


Podcast: Decide It's Your Turn

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