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Are you a Gumball Girl? [Podcast]

blog gumball love podcast self love May 28, 2019

You know he’s a Gumball Guy. But you couldn't stop thinking about him, so you just sent him a cute selfie. He responded and it made you feel really good. Now you're wondering, "Am I a Gumball Girl?".

The short answer: No! You are not Mrs. Gumball. I get this question a lot in my private messages, emails, and very recently in the private Facebook group.

It’s perfectly normal for you to start wondering if you are a Gumball Girl. But that’s the key difference between you and a real Gumball Girl. You have that ability to self-reflect. You are working to improve yourself by listening to this podcast, joining the Facebook group, joining the Academy, and all the other wonderful self-development things you’re doing.

The other key difference is that the Gumball Person is addicted to the attention. They don’t know how to function in a healthy intimate relationship, so they’ll be really intense and lovey-dovey one minute, disappear, and then come back. They'll say things like “I can’t give you what you need” or “I don’t deserve you”

You, on the other hand, are there for the true intimacy. You love him. You want to feel connected to him. And so you accept what you can get from him, as little as it may be.

The other thing I want you to know is that this is a really hard battle you’re fighting and it’s OK if you give in sometimes. Loneliness and being in a funk can drive us to extreme measures. When you send that selfie and he responds positively, it makes you feel valuable, desired, and wanted. You are a human with emotions and you have formed an attachment, so ease up on yourself and don’t expect yourself to be able to just delete all your feelings like a robot when you start to understand his true nature.

When you join the private Facebook group, or the Back to You Academy (next one starts June 9th!), or have a one-on-one coaching session with me, you will NOT be judged. And you are not alone. I have tons of girls in my inbox just like you. You don’t have to do this alone, we’re all here to support each other. Come join us when you’re ready to finally get over him!

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