Melissa Roberts is more than a Transformational Relationship and Life Coach; she is a guiding force, an insightful writer, and the dynamic host of the influential podcast Gumball Love.

At the heart of Melissa's mission is empowering high-achieving women, helping them break free from the repetitive cycle of attracting emotionally unavailable men. With her revolutionary concept, Gumball Love, Melissa unveils the intricate dance of relationships, exposing attention-seeking behaviors as telltale signs of intimacy avoidance. These behaviors, often mistaken for intense and genuine connection, lead many women down a path of deceptive love.

Melissa goes beyond conventional wisdom, challenging stereotypes around femininity and the pursuit of decoding men's thoughts. Instead, she delves into the realm of fantasy, recognizing the allure of attention as a powerful force. Gumball Love is not just about finding love; it's a transformative journey that unravels patterns, fosters genuine connections, and exposes the fantasy elements that often masquerade as true intimacy.

Join Melissa Roberts on a transformative adventure where Gumball Love becomes a guiding light, illuminating the path to true connection and lasting fulfillment.

Melissa is married to her husband, Iain Roberts. They live in New York City and have two dogs, Lucy and Charlie.

Melissa’s “Level up for Love” program is by application and interview only.

Contact: [email protected] for details