You want to date but you are afraid of getting hurt again right?

Even though a lot of people can feel this way, when its YOU, you feel like you are the only one. Especially if a lot of your friends are couples.


1. Fear of Rejection

2. Fear of Getting Hurt Again.

3. You feel out of practice.



The fear of rejection comes from not understanding your own value and thinking because someone chooses not to date you it’s because there is something wrong with you!

There is nothing wrong with you. In fact, the only thing wrong with you is you not realizing how great you are!

I know you are thinking, “Oh Melissa, blah blah blah, everyone says that.” But it’s true and here is why.

Happily Married Women are not PERFECT:

Take a look at women in happy relationships. Are they all a size 2? No. Do they all have magnetic amazing personalities? No. Do they balance career and kids perfectly? No.   They are real just like you!

But I need to lose 10, 20, 30 lbs….

The average wedding dress size is 14. That means women much larger and much smaller are getting married every single day! So no matter if you are tiny or curvy…wedding bells can and do happen!


I will get into this a lot more in an upcoming academy I am creating for women but know this…

Brene Brown teaches people who feel WORTHY of LOVE have it and people who don’t, don’t have it. It’s that simple. But just because you are single right now doesn’t mean you don’t feel worthy either. This is a huge decision and the right person will be obvious at the right time.

If you do feel insecure and unsure…instead of looking for a guy focus on your true worth and value. Take an inventory and really examine what you bring to the table. Then on dates you sit and feel secure that you are a full package. Also know…YOU are not meant for JUST anyone!   You are only looking for ONE GUY!

One key thing I have found to be true is that when a woman finds her husband he accepts her and they play ZERO games in the courting process. When you show up…YOUR guy will get you and you will get him. The End, case closed no further questions your honor.

All these “relationship guru’s” have all these secrets but I wonder if they ever talk to real couples. I still have yet to find a happy couple that looked perfect, played texting cat and mouse games and ended up together.

I challenge you to ask the couples you know. “How did you meet? How did you fall in love?” Listen to their story! Note: No games, no cheating, manipulation, lying or lack of trust.

Real love is naked, vulnerable and totally authentic. Anything short of that leads to divorce.

But I feel out of Practice!

Again I challenge you to ask any couple. Did you have to practice dating before you met your significant other?   Don’t worry about rules, or certain dos and don’ts. Just be you, get out and meet people and relax.

It only takes ONE. You are not trying to appeal to all men. Just the one you want to spend your life with. That’s it.

In Summary. You are enough. Don’t settle. And know that someone will fall in love with the real you at the right time.

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See you soon!





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