Online Dating is Troll Headquarters.  Any idiot can hide behind his computer and say anything.   As much as we know this, navigating it can be very depressing.   My whole platform is about saving you time and preventing you from investing your precious time with men who will never appreciate you.

Here is your list of red flags. After hearing any of these…you #BlockLikeABoss


Shirtless Photo’s in bathroom mirror – Block

Pics with penis almost showing – Block

“Hey.” as an opener – Block

“Ur hot.” – Block

“Wat u up 2?” – Block

Calling you Drunk – Block

Calling you “Babe” – Block

“What is your bra size?”  - Block

“What are you wearing?” Block

Are you there???? Hellloooo?  After you don’t respond for 5 minutes – Block

Cannot make a plan for a date – Block

Won’t call and have a normal phone conversation – Block

Disappears for days and then comes back – Block

Ignores certain questions on text or doesn’t reply – Block


The problem isn’t the trolls.  It’s the time we give them.   When you see the red flag and give it zero time, zero response and move forward, you are doing what happily married women naturally did before they met their husbands.  They didn’t even entertain the behavior.   This was the biggest discovery in all of my research.  Happily Married Women aren’t even aware of dating games, rules or do’s and don’ts.  They are picky, they were not desperate for a husband and they lived their own lives until he came along.

What do good guys do before the first date? 

Good guys make nice and polite conversation.  They introduce themselves and take an interest in you.  After a phone call or two, they ask you out and get to know you.   They respect themselves so they don’t push boundaries because they already know it’s inappropriate.   Good guys will seem boring at first because well, they are NORMAL.  Ha ha!  Seriously!  You have to adjust to the lack of intensity, in the beginning, slow down, relax and enjoy a healthy pace in getting to know someone who truly has value.

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