Is your Guy Mr. Right or Mr. Wrong?

So, if I were sitting across from you I would ask you. Why do you think your guy is Mr. Wrong?  What is giving you pause?

When I was dating a Mr. Wrong, I always would reflect back to the beginning of the relationship and talk about how he “used” to be. It seemed like if we could just get back to there we could make things work.

Chances are if you are with a possible Mr. Wrong your relationship went something like this. It was intense in the beginning. You both shared your feelings fast and it seemed to be easy.

When you finally got comfortable he seemed to become distant and unpredictable.

This threw you for a loop because you were just starting to feel like you could relax and then he pulled away.

The number one Googled relationship question by the way is “Why does he pull away?”

When guys do this we immediately feel like we did something wrong and we try to fix it. But unfortunately it feels like the harder you try the worse you make it.

The pulling back happens in four parts.

Time – he goes from spending every minute with you to you not knowing where he is a lot of the time. He seems to be there or completely off the radar.

Communication – this goes from being totally on the same page to suddenly getting one-word answers or getting ignored.

Mood – his moods become very unpredictable and you start to feel like you are dating different people.

Affection– He used to want to touch you, hold you and be next to you but now it seems he’ll only give affection for one reason.

His communication  gets erratic and spending time with you feels like a chore.   You find yourself asking him if he will take you on dates.

If this sounds familiar this is the classic Gumball Guy.  

He is great in the beginning because you are giving him a lot of attention.

Attention is just like a Gumball. It’s sweet, fun and intense.

We all love attention but when you are dating a guy who is addicted to it just a like a drug, he will repeat the same cycle over and over again.

He falls in love with attention and you fall in love with him.   When the INTENSITY wears off he isn’t HIGH anymore and he starts to get MOODY.

He doesn’t want to spend as much time around you because he can’t get HIGH anymore. He’s looking for a FIX!

His communication gets erratic and spending time with you feels like a chore.   You find yourself asking him if he will take you on dates.

He just seems like he doesn’t feel like being with you.   Sometimes he does disappear but a lot of times he hangs around as if to break you heart slowly and painfully.

Remember this:   You are enough.

He is simply looking for a high that only exists in the beginning of relationships.   It’s the euphoric, schmoopy, lovey dovey part that is easy and fun.  

When that is over people stay together because they fell in love with the person not the attention. 

Is this hard to take? Yes! Trust me, I know your pain. BUT here is the good news! YOU don’t have to change and don’t let ANYONE tell you different. 

The only thing you have to do is work on getting yourself back to being confident and happy! Do you remember that girl? Has she ever existed?  

Stick with me. We are going to find her and YOUR Mr. Right will think the real you is amazing!

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Hang in there! You will get through this! I’m always going to be real with you. Sometimes it’s not easy to hear but know that you are in charge, you decide the timing and I’ll be here to support you every step of the way.

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