Do you ever have a heartbreak that just seems like the final straw?  It’s the one that makes you say, “That’s it, I’m done with men, I can’t take this anymore!”

That was me a few years ago.  I kept dating jerks over and over again and honestly I started to feel like that dumb girl.  My happily married friends would give me that pity look and I would glance at their wedding rings and wonder, “Why is this so easy for you and so hard for me?”

I became obsessed with this and decided to do the hard work to figure it out.   I started with a therapist, which was the best investment of my life.

I read books and followed all the relationship experts.   They all had great information and I was feeling pretty good, but something was still missing.

The missing link came with a flippant comment from a divorce lawyer advising one of his clients.   As he watched her fight with her husband via text he said,

“Every time he puts in a quarter you give him a Gumball, stop giving him Gumballs!”

That was my a-ha moment!  He was putting a quarter in, provoking her and she was responding with his reward.   But, what was the reward?  Attention!  Each time he got a response it was giving him attention and that is what he wanted.  It had nothing to do with the content of the conversation.

Attention is just like a Gumball.  It’s sweet and intense in the beginning

But it wears off…just like a drug.

As I began my research into this further, I realized this type of guy wanted Gumballs in the beginning too.  He was just smart about his “quarters” and came across intense, romantic and very alluring.  This is all to see the girl become enamored with him.

He was addicted to the HIGH and the rush of someone giving him adoration.

Over time this guy would get bored because he couldn’t get HIGH with this girl anymore so he would pull away, get moody or disappear all together.

Once I had this formula I went back to my therapist and combed over it.  In the process I knew why this had happened to me over and over again and I discovered something NEW, something that had never been written in a book before.   

When I discovered this formula I found so much relief in it.  I knew why guys pulled away, I knew why they cheated, I had the answer!  I started to share it with friends and family and they all started to reference “Gumball Guys” in daily conversations.   After about a year had passed, we still referenced Gumball Guys.

I felt God pushing me to share this with the world.  I would think, “But I’m still single so don’t I need to wait for my happy ending?”     But, as I shared this with women and saw how it helped them, I realized it wasn’t about me.  It’s about YOU! I know in my heart if I help enough people get what they want; it will come back into my life.

So, I’m here on this journey with you

And, I’ll share everything I know along the way.

But, if you are single, I can show you a much HAPPIER way to live and empower you to avoid all the jerks that will steal precious time for your life and only make you cry.

Today is a new day and I promise you, once you learn this formula you are going to be a new woman.   AND…you are going to get so good at this, the hottest guy ever won’t even tempt you because you will see the signs LONG before you ever fall in love with him.

A little more about me:

In my day-to-day life I am the Vice President of Business Development for a large e-commerce company.  Previously I worked in Hollywood as an Executive Producer for a film company.

My nights and weekends and all my vacation time is devoted to helping you.  My passion is to help you find your TRUE Mr. Right so that you can create a happy healthy family.    The children raised by parents who are truly in love will never know anything different.  They will grow up expecting nothing less and this will cause a ripple effect that will last for generations. This is my mission!

Grab a friend or two and let’s decode the jerk, the player, the Mr. Wrong! 

Cheers to the end of broken hearts and tears!